Bow Wow asks-"Why Hate?" to the Haters

So i was doing my daily rounds of visiting my fav. blogs and on and saw the post about Bow Wow's hater interview video-so i watched it and then i went to the video on youtube and made a comment. Here's the video....

Bow Wow vs The Hate

And this is my comment on the video under the my youtube name"Estherella":
"i would like to answer the question!!!! the reason why people hate on others is because they feel that people should not feel as good as they do b/c the hater feels the person is talentless or to the extreme-worthless. They feel they dont deserve what the have and the credit that is given to them. Therefore, the hater will hate in order to make the person feel less of themselves and call it a day. Its up to the person to make them or break them. Dont let the hate get to you and you'll be fine!"

And i have more to say. I will admit it, i'm a hater and in my comment to the video i explained why i and maybe many others hate. Its a fact whether people like it or not, there are people out they who get things the dont deserve and get titles/names and credit they dont deserve. Which is one reason(in my opinion) the music industry is f*cked up. And even just in general life, thats why the image a perfect being it screwed up. To me, money and cars and international trips around the world and houses in every major city are rewards that one should get for working hard-but some people get these things without working a day in their life or not working hard. And that's why i believe in luck. There are two kinds of people that one can be when hated on.

First, the kind that automatically uses a defense mechanism, such as hating back, to act as if the hate was not there in the first place. Those who are like,"You're just jealous" or"You're not me"-THANK GOD I AINT YOU! This kind also does not understand the difference between working hard for what you get and just being plain ol lucky. This people i usually is in a bubble of their own little world and really dont know people or hang with people who are different from them and they can possibly learn from them. As for me, i've been around all kinds of people my whole life, so i know people who have to struggle(moi!) to get rewards and those who get it just because their parents are rich or they were given "hands outs" their whole life.

Ok, now for the second kind. I personally like this kind. Yea, they get what they want and maybe dont have to work as hard as others, but when hated on, they RESPECT the haters' opinion and they just dont hear the opinion, they LISTEN & UNDERSTAND the opinion of the hater. B/c you know sometimes the hate you receive can make you think about yourself or situation in a whole new light. And when the person actually thinks about what others say, it can humble them and respect the opinion of others more. This kind can also find positive in the negativity of the hate. So for those who are hated on, try to be kind #2 for the sake of love, peace, and harmony and dont continue the hate by hating on the hater. It just makes the hater want to hate more and hunt for every single tiny flaw in your being. Instead of being offended and defensive when hated on, just stop and think about, find the positivity in it and respect the opinion and keep it moving. It helps you stay sane!

As for Bow Wow, i respect that you did the video especially as an artist who wants an answer to a simple question b/c most artists wont take to the time to sit and finally ask people why they do what they do to them. Hopefully i answered his question and probably many others question.


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