Who Else wants to freestyle on this song-Stevie Wonder?

Jesus Christ Holy Ghost Virgin Mary Lord Have Mercy!!!!!!

I love Lil Wayne's"A Millie". The album version and the mixtape version with my baby daddy Cory Gunz(i will explain later) but DAMNNNNNNN! If one more person does a freestyle on this dope ass beat and turn the master piece Weezy into trash, I and many other music lovers will be jumping off bridges! The only dope freestyles to this is Jay-Z's cause he said "A Billie"-dope! And Lil Mama's cause she went hard on that freestyle! She murdered all thses other freestyles! But now i'm sick of this "I'm gonna freestyle on the 'A Millie' beat cuz I'm ill" movement b/c is has taken my homie Chris Brown prisoner! Chris-what the fuck?! I didnt even give him the "wtf"! I have no mercy on him just like he had no mercy for this dope ass beat! Like serioudly Chris-no, just no, never again ok? Promise you wont do it again! Hip Hop is on life support already, do you want to pull the plug homie? And yall, listen to what he is saying-real humble uh Chris....

I'm telling yall, CB got one more time with me and he's dead to me! Tina(his manager), why in the hell did yuo let him do this? It better not make it to no damn album or even a mixtape!

One positive thing though, the best part of the lame ass freestyle when he was singin', if you sang more, he could have done a better job!

Chris Brown-A Millie freestyle


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