Why All Around the World-I'm Right Here!

The video for Lloyd's "Girls Around the World" is out! Its a nice and simple vid, futuristic and stuff-nice! My eyes started to hurt b/c of the eyes of the models, they should warn people of that before watching it! lol I've always lovvvvved Lloyd, he actually went to the same high school as me!!! Everybody at my school was like," My momma braided his hair before!"-i bet she did...NOT! He can sing, i love his voice! He can...well he got some moves but it doesnt matter b/c he doesnt rely on them to have a career! And most of all, he is beautiful-no, not cute or fine, beautiful! If he was a little taller-i would go groupie status on him-f*ck dat, i'm still going groupie status. Groupie Status-CHECK! And i love the song! Him and Wayne make good tunes together! My fav. part of the video is whenever they would show Lloyd with his hair straight- O to da M da to G!!! That is beauty, i want a weave like that for Christmas! lol He looked all beautiful and exotic. It reminded me of Avery Storm and his 20" hair-love it! I have this thing with guys and look hair! Anyways here's the vid, enjoy!

Lloyd ft. Lil Wayne-"Girls All Around the World"

I bet Weezy was mad he could get his hair all straight ans sexy for the ladies! lmao!


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