Where Da Hell Where You Es?

Everywhere! Like for real. I started college, got me a job, i have an internship that I'm doing now-shit is crazy in my life. It's funny, cause everything I said I wanted or wantedd to do, I got it. Ain't life funny?

Man, so first, I got my ass in college. I got into Georgia State University, its the school I wanted to go to anyways-I knew I was getting in. I love GSU. Its right in the middle of Downtown ATL and there is always something happening. Its fun. I've been through some crazy stuff and the semester ain't over yet. But my sis wants me to transfer to New York after my freshmen year. As much as I want to go to NY, I don't know if that is realistic. I'm still gonna work hard and try to get into Pace University, another one of my dream schools to attend.

I GOT A JOB! I've been looking for one for the longest! And I got one at my favorite stores to shop at-HOT TOPIC! I love it there! Its fun! Its crazy in there, but yall know I'm all about being crazy. And the employee discount is the business! And there are a lot grea benefits there too. Even though I think two of the managers don't like me, I don't know why they wouldn't like me, I love the people I work with. Boy, are they something else! Hopefully they will keep me after January-oh yea, I'm seasonal! lol

Well, well, well something really big is happening in my promo career. Finally, i might get paid for all this promo that I've done for years! Bascially, I signed up to do this internship for Greg Street, who is an icon in Southern Hip Hop and a radio personality at one of the biggest radio stations V103, because he is putting together his street team. So they told me to form my own team and we will be competing against other teams. So my team is The Famous Nobodies. I have a couple of my friends on the team and some other people who I know through doing this team. So far, its a little much but if my team wins, it will be all worth it!

Other things, my 18th birthday is tomorrow and I'm excited to finally be legal and go to the clubs and stuff that's "18 and over". lol But yeam I'm getting old-sorry parental units! lol Also, since I have a job, I will be going to a lot more concerts and events, I'm about to never be up in this house! lol So hopefully, if I don't piss my mommy off, I can go to my first concert ever, Common & N*E*R*D! It won't completely make up for me missing the Glow in the Dark tour, but its a dope first concert to go to. One day, KanYe, Lupe, &N*E*R*D will join forces again and I'll be able to see them!(tear of hope) lol. What else...Oh, Tyga promo is going super well. TFC is the shit, still top friend status on Tyga's page. We have like 1770 friends now and still counting. I am, this week, Street Teamer of the Week at Tyga Street Team at fanscorps.com, thank you for that! I talked to Tyga about being more involved with the Fan Club and he was up for it, so hopefully that works out well.

You know, life is going well overall. Of course I have my day to day struggles but my life is a lot better than when I was in high school. Hopefully everything will work out and all will be well....hopefully...


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