Again? DAMNNNN!!!!

Look at what i found on MySpace:

Good Girl Gone Bad: The Remixes is in stores today!

This collection features new versions of Rihanna’s hits; remixed by today’s hottest dance producers including Tony Moran, Seamus Haji, Jody Den Broeder, Moto Blanco and Wideboys.

Get your copy here!

Rihanna on iLike - Add iLike to your MySpace

Like really Rihanna? Didn't this chick already 'release' this shit and call it 'Reloaded' or some crap! Just come out with a new album already! The album is like 2 yrs old now, let it go! Yall know i don't like her, but something else i don't like is when artists keep ripping people off by releasing albums and try to get every cent out of us-for what? Its a f*cking recession-wtach the news. Watch CNN cause Fow is bullshit.

It's stupid, she's stupid.


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