Fashion Forward: Don C

Fashion Forward: Don C
Now being the huge KanYe fan that I am, you would probably think i would post 'Ye here before I post this guy,right? Yea, but I'm saving the best for last.

For those who know 'Ye and his camp, you already know you this guy is. Yup, it's Don C! One of the flyest dudes to walk this earth and also KanYe's tour man
ager. Dope job! I follow his blog( and this dude always has the latest stuff from the fashion world. I wonder is he gets it for free? Like if designers just send shit to his house or something?

Don C is the the honoree of this edition of Fashion Forward! Congrats

Check out his swag!
"Life of a Don, lights keep glowin',
Comin' in the club wit that fresh shit on, with something crazy on my arm,
Ha ha hum, here's another hit, Barry Bonds"
Source: Don C


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