'...Oh, Am I Late?'

Ok, so its what,2009! Yea, ya girl hasn't posted sh*t since 10/08-but its all good!

So, we have a Black President! yea, ima let the other bloggers and media let you in on the all that, cuz its just too much for me right now.

Holiday season is over, so I'm jobless again! But I am looking for work!

School started again...yeaaaaa.

Yeezy got the cover of VIBE and i got a copy!

Yeezy also has been showing off his new sneakers that he has done with LV-hot sh*t!

That's it for now!

I'ma try to blog more and hopefully i can think of something to bring this blog to the next level and actually have some readers and stuff

-Oh, and i just saw 'Notorious' but that's a whole other post!

So just some updates, i felt like i needed to post something on here, so i did!

Buh Bye!


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