So Yea, I Saw the Movie...

I didn't really even plan on seeing it. I had to wait for my sister to finish working and i had 2 hours to spare and i already did my shopping, so she's like,'Go watch a movie, go watch 'Notorious'. I was like why not! I am a hip hop junkie anyways and i would be so out of the loop when it came to others' opinions about the movie. Like why people were saying Derek Luke did a bad job at Diddy and stuff. So i went to the theater, bought my ticket and went in to the theater. It was a 4:55 showing and i just made it after the previews. There was like no one there! Maybe 10 people at most. Yea i know, it was 4:55 and it was in ATL not Brooklyn, but still! That was weird.

Movie starts. I laughed and shook my head and rapped some of Big's beloved lyrics-but i didn't cry! Well maybe cause i didn't get to see the complete ending cuz i had to leave to meet up with the sister. But there was this one chick in there and she was crying for beginning to end. I'm thinking,"Did this chick know Big?!" Weird.

Overall, it was a decent movie. I learned some things about him that i didn't know before but then again, Big died when i was 7, so yea. I just really liked him for his music, like i do with most artists. It wasnt the typical black movie so that was refreshing. But i do have some bones to pick with the movie....

1.WHERE WAS THE DAMN MUSIC???? they barely played any Biggie songs-well they did but for like 2 seconds! The only song i could recite the whole verse was 'Juicy'. I wish we just heard more of Biggie's song. Afterall, that's what made him 'Biggie'!

2.The second(or third) scene we saw 'Lil Kim'-it was like a porn scene. Full blown out porn. Like really?! Not needed. I wonder if Ms.Wallace was watching that scene being filmed. There are other ways to let us know that they are having sex. I didn't need to see all of that. Some people like to see that crap, but most don't. Now all of the world knows how Naturi breasts look like-eww. And she had like 3 boob scenes! gosh!

3.Tupac.....really?! Just go see the movie and see why i said this one.

But again, it was a decent movie and i still and always will miss Big and wish he was still here with us because he was a great artists and one of the greatest.

Now what about that Aaliyah movie......
Here is Amanda Diva(who i always watch)with her opinions


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