This is unacceptable!

When will they update the G.O.O.D Music website? That site hasn't been touched since '05! I know they are very busy but they didn't even put the new artists there like Cudi and Big Sean and Mr. Hudson. Like really? They should hire me just to update the site all the time. I'm always on the computer anyways! Just email me the new info and i'll put it up! Like i know that they know how important the net is to artists' careers nowadays. So I was just wondering if they are ever gonna update the site. G.O.O.D Music has done so much since then, but they can't even-its the company's website-update it!!!!!!!!!!!Geez.

To check out the un-updated site it

John Legend came out with two albums since then, Common-like 2 or 3, 'Ye had a album-just hire me already!!!!!! lol


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