Aaron, Help me help you!

Yall! Omg, i need to be part of this some how, in some way! I've been a part of mad companies and they weren't really legit i guess you could say, but "this shit right here!"-i need to be a part of. These are people who are young and have goals in the industry and are on the grind. -like me. My problem is, I am not surround by people of this kind. Some how, i always find myself in a sea of bullshit, dramaful(is that a word?) people. So this even is happening right here in the A and I really want to go. My sis is gonna go to a fashion show the same night but if I can convince my parents to let me go with a friend-I'm there!

But i want to be a part of this company not just for the event. This would be a real good look for me and -i'm excited for young people everywhere on grind. Aaron, i use to think you were just some spoiled kid but i see what ya doing and i respect that 100%. I applaud you for putting this together. Do you homie, do you. I need to get on board with this. Aaron or anyone involved in this-get at me!

I dont even care if i start off just getting coffee for people and making copies-you gotta start from somewhere! Get at me pleaseeeeee-and yes, i am deseparte! lol

If you are in the A, go to this event. Its major. Be there!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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