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LV Jasper Hi-Top by KanYe

I wonder how it feels to have a LV shoe named after you....damn, the good life. Shout out to Ibn Jasper! I love him, he's so dope. And 'Ye named a pair after Mr.Hudson and it fits his style so well! And are the LV Don's named after Don C or KanYe himself? Food for thought. I wonder if he is gonna do a shoe for everyone involved in G.O.O.D Music. That would be dope. How do you think the LV Kid Cudi's or LV Consequence's would look like? Or the LV Fonzworth Bently's? I wanna see the LV Common's! "Awwwwww shit!"-KanYe in the video when he was showing off his "Hudson's" off on Cons TV. Dude is a fool! lol

But the price... And ya wallet now says, "Ouch!". You need some G.O.O.D money to cop these!
Source: Ibn

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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