Drizzy Time!!! Lyrics Edition

Ok, its Drizzy Time everyone(children screaming for joy)! I'm gonna hit yall up with some words from Drake himself. These words come from the recently released classic mixtape, So Far Gone and its one of the songs that I def loved at first listen and I love it more and more every time I listen to it. One of the things that I love about Drake is basically what every should love about their favorite rappers, is the way he uses words. Also, I feel that many people out there can relate to the emotion behind the song. Cause...who doesn't want to be Successful....

Successful ft.Trey Songz & Weezy!
I want the money,
Money and the cars,
Cars and the clothes,
The hoes,
I suppose,
I just wanna be,
I just wanna be,
I just wanna be,
I just wanna be,
I just wanna be,
I just wanna be,

Oh yeah Trey I fuckin feel you,
They be starin at the money like it's unfamiliar,
I get it,
I live it,
To me there's nothing realer,
Just enough to solve your problems,
Too much would kill ya,
And when I leave,
I always come right back here,
The young spit it and everybody in rap fear,
A lot of ya'll still soundin like last year,
The game needs change and I'm the mothafucking cashier,
Nickels for my thoughts,
Dimes in my bed,
Quarters of the kush,
Ain't the limes in my head,
Take my verses too serious ya hate me,
Cause I'm the one to paint a vivid picture no HD,
I want it all,
That's why I strive for it,
Diss me and you'll never hear a reply for it,
Any awards show or party I'll get fly for it,
I know what's comin I just hope I'm alive for it.

I want things to go my way,
But as of late a lot of shit been goin sideways,
And my mother tried to runaway from home,
But I left somethin in the car so I caught her in the driveway,
And she cried to me so I cried too,
And my stomach was soakin wet,
She only 5'2,
And 48 hours all before I showed up,
And brought a thousand dollas worth of drinks and got poured up,
Damn my reality just set in,
And even when the phantoms leased them hoes wanna get in,
I do a lot of things,
Hopin I neva have to fit in,
So tryin to keep up with my progress is like a dead end,
My girl love me but fuck it my heart beat slow,
And right now the tour bus is lookin like a freak show,
And life change for us every single week,
So what's good,
But I know this ain't the peak though
Cause I want...

Wise words from a decent man,
Back when I was tryin to put a ring on alicia hand,
This lost boy got fly without peter pan,
And my delivery just got me buzzin like the pizza man,
In person I am everything and more,
I'm everywhere these other niggas never been before,
But inside I'm treadin waters steady tryin to swim ashore,
I'm on a shoppin spree to get whateva is in store,
Just call me Shopping Bag Drizzy,
And call me Mr.damn he ain't copin that is he?
And fans of these freshman is about to get iffy,
While this youngin that you doubtin is about to get busy,
I'm a kill it I promise this I know you mad,
I've always treated my city like some shoulder pads,
To big homie use a flash if you must,
And I swear I ain't askin for much
All I want is....

*BIG Note: Some of these lyrics are a little off, but I'm too lazy to change them all. And the blue words are lyrics that I like!And I didn't post the chorus over and over again nor did I put Wayne's part-it's Drizzy Time fool!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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