Drizzy Time!!!!

I have now realized that my Drizzy Time's and Cudder Time's probably wont be everyday. Its hard to find stuff on them when the hype dies out a little. Everyone was excited about So Far Gone and now that its out, everyone kinda moved on to the next dude. Not saying that Drake is wack, dude is a legend in the making-but people who aren't really true fans of he's, just like the single or mixtape and then forget about them. Kinda like how rappers say "Fuck'em then leave'em". Everyone"fucked" with Drake(pause for the fellas, cuz shooo I wouldn't mi-) and now...they're gone. Well I'm still here. And I bet a mill', I'm the only person who has Drizzy Time's on their blog, sooooo can't expect me to do this a daily. I do it for most of the days out of the week though! Ok, enjoy one of my favorite freestyle from Drizzy Drake Rogers-Still Fly

Cuz while everyone screaming "GUCCI!",I'm screaming "DRIZZY!"
...shit, I've been down with dude since Room for Improvement...ok, I'm lying, Comeback Season-but I was still there!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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