I almost cried reading this....

A comment posted in response to Cudi's" iam sorry" postAs a true music artist, how can you not be inspired to keep making music after comments like this one? I don't think artists-famous people period, take the time to read what their fans have to say. That's probably how they can make decisions like quitting the game! This comment touched me and I'm not even behind the music that the dude. Its just sad and annoying and just whole bunch of other feelings.

if you dont agree with what I'm saying, please, I beg you, let me know what's real. If ya a music artist ya self, don't be a punk, speak up! Let me know how you feel. How does it feel to hear fans, the people, say some of the things I said or things like the comment above? No, dont go and run to ya publicist, write a comment! Because truly feel that people are gonna read the previous blog and this one and think that I am just some salty bitch in my parents house hating on Cudi and the rest of the industry. I may be in my parents' house but I aint a salty bitch! And I'm not hating on Cudi! I'm just saying how I feel! Is that a crime? If so, arrest me now! I feel like people give these famous people too much slack and pity them too much. They should be obligated to be strong just like the rest of us and not give up and quit and we say, "Ok! Have fun!" Like, no.

I love Kid Cudi. I really do! Check out past posts on here, he's like one of my favorite of all time! I really don't want him it quit. But some of the things he said in that post rumbed me the wrong way and I had to show dudder some tough love! If 50 or Bow Wow said some shit like this, I would go out and party!

Look at it this way, what if....Jay-Z said, "I'm sorry but I'm done."-wait he did. Ok, take a blast to the past, how did you feel (if you are a fan of Jay's) when first heard that? You were either pissed or sad. Deep inside, you wanted to start a revolution or something to stop him! Ok, so now think about how happy you were when he came back. Even if "Kingdom Come" wasn't he's best(we can debate that, we'll do that later). The best way I can describe it is someone taking ya presents away from you on Christmas. That's the last thing you need someone to do to you!

And back to the cmnt above, its true, we need Cudi, Charles Hamilton, BOB, Wale, Asher Roth, The Cool Kids, Curtains, Blu, Drake and so much more-to come and conquer! Especially for Hip Hop. And I still believe that even with all this great talent that Hip Hop is in a bad state because even with all the goodness and positive, rappers still beefin' with each other, Oprah still talking shit about us, parents still think Hip Hop is runing the kids-we need every soldier we got to stay and fight for Hip Hop. And you know what, I don't even care if he stops doing albums-just keep dropping mixtapes! I prefer mixtapes over albums now anyways! Not only because they are like wayyyy cheaper than albums, but to me artists go hard on their mixtapes and their albums are just...you know, okay. So Cudi, you can stop making albums all you want, just drop a classic mixtapes here and there! I'll keep my mouth shut then! So I think I stuffed ya brains with enough food for thought. But I don't regret a single word I said/typed because its how I truly feel! Gotta keep real yall!

And I seriously want an artist to reply to this and my other post. I feel that someone, as an artist themselves, has some food for thought for me as well! I'm ready to eat, hit me!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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