I Love these guys!

It was snowing in the A like two days ago. But as a New Englander, it wasn't real snow. It was slush! Real snow doesn't come down that big and that fast. It was a slush storm. But of course, people down freak out at the sight of anything that it white and is coming from the sky. And they cancelled schools in some areas?! That "snow" was gone the next morning, those kids should have been in school!

But yea, the fellas of G.O.O.D Music Production Duo,WrighTrax, recorded some of the storm. These guys are ill with the production and for me to say that as the beat freak that i am(no, not the dance group), that means a lot! And plus they are mad funny! I love Deuce's accent! lol too cute!

A link to their blog is on the side with the other links! ------->

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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