KanYe & Amber's Day Out!

'Ye and A.Rose where out and about in LA recently. I'm kinda mad that everyone is already judging Amber and is not giving her a chance. They barely know anything about her and are already labeling her. Yea, i don't neccessarily agree with the kind of modeling that she has done but there is probably much more to her than some semi nude pics. And so many female entertainers have done pics of the same nature but no one calls them a slut or hoe. All i ask of her is not to break 'Ye's heart, cause then I'm coming after her. Real talk. But so far, I think A.Rose is a cool chick and people need to give her chance or leave her and KanYe alone.

More pics of the two enjoying a nice day out
Ibn Jasper!!!! I love this dude. He's so multi talented! Am I the only one who loves the people that surround KanYe? Like Don C, Ibn, Plain Pat? Maybe, I love them all!
A.Rose and KanYe look happy, so leave them the f*ck alone!
Pics From: Concreteloop

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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