Movie Review: He's Just Not That Into You

Okie doke, I do movie reviews too suckas! I'm not really a movie person but when I watch the theaters...its either a really good time or the worst experience that's why. And I'm just a big music head. But now to the movie.

When my sister's friend from our home state Rhode Island came down for her spring break, we decided to go to the movies one night. Erica's friend wanted to see The Haunting in CT, but Erica was too freaked out by it and I wanted to see something funny. So we decided to see He's Just Not That Into You. Overall, it is a decent movie. There were moments we laughed and other moments we were like,"Oh no he didn't!". But it was decent not my favorite movie but iight. I like how the stories or people I should say were all connected some how. But thats usual movie shit. The characters were interesting. The main chick, the one with the short curly hair, she was weird. But it got me thinking,"Will I be like that when it comes to relationships?"

The movie is based off a book that supposes to give advice right? You left the movie theater with questions unanswered! Like in the middle of the movie, you like,"Ok, so that's what men think..." But at the end of the movie, its not what men think. It's weird. So if you are looking for dating advice, you might just want to read the book and not watch the movie.

As a African female, I did find the movie to be a little racist. In the beginning of the movie(spoiler alert), they have like women all over the world and stuff talking about "when is he gonna call me" kind of thing. They just so happen to take it to Africa and guess how the scene looked like? The women where in the village, sitting on rocks, pounding yam or whatever, had cloth wrapped around them as clothing, and the houses were huts-RACIST! My sister, her friend, and I-we're all Nigerian and proud of it. When we saw that, we almost walked out! Lucky we paid to see that shit and it wasnt some free screening or something! And then (another spoiler alert), there's a part where one of the couples is remodeling some apartment and have mad construction workers at the crib. The couple gets into an arguement and the dude yells out something like, "We have like thousand undocumented workers here"-for real? How racist! And then, all of the couples are white. Why could they mix it up! People of all races go through relationship problems and there are plenty of award winning actors and actresses of color that could have been in this movie and it would still be a great movie, if not, a dope movie.

So the question you may ask is,"Should I go see it?"

Sure, if you are bored and have an extra $10 to spare, but rush yourself to the theater, it's not that deep.

Madea Goes to Jail review coming soon....

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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