Ok, so I watched it last night....

Yea, I'm pissed. My girls, The Beat Freaks, may not have won(still can't believe that shit) the money and the title, but I truly feel that they won the hearts of America and the dance community. Those ladies are dope! They are still gonna be doing what they do best and probably be in a bunch of music videos and stuff, like Fanny Pak!

Isn't it funny how the teams or people that dont win the competitons always become more famous and do more than the people who do win. Look at American Idol, Jennifer Hudson wasn't even close to winning and she's bigger than anyone else from that season. I think people even sometimes forget she was on American Idol.

Its funny how the world turns...

So even though my girls did not win and i feel like someone did something to the votes b/c everyone was rooting for them, i'm ok b/c they are ok and they stayed strong.

i'm still screaming "GO BEAT FREAKS, GO BEAT FREAKS, GO!"
see yall on t.v. soon!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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