One Angry Black Girl!

I'm pissed. The comment section on my posts won't show up! Errr. it's not like yall were posting comments anyways but I hate when stuff is suppose to be one way and its not! I'm gonna contact blogger when I get the energy to. Then, my computer takes forever and a day to start up. I have to turn it on and off for like 20 times before it gets to the desktop screen thingy....errr! And then I probably won't be able to see Wale and Bobby Ray(aka B.O.B) tomorrow at the Loft. And I got a test tomorrow. And I gotta write some dumb little story for English, she always gives us busy work when she knows we have lives to live! I'm pissed. Hopefully something good and exciting will happen to me this weekend or next week. I highly doubt it!

On a good note, more people check out my blog! YAY!!! Thanx to everyone who check it out on a daily! Errr, more bad news. I know I have like more followers than 1(lol), but they won't show up on my followers thing! And I forgot Drizzy time yesterday-.....ERRRR! I will hopefully do it twice today to make up for it.

I got two new TheGirlTheyCallEs Presents....features I'm thinking about posting. I will post when I have time. Movie reviews on "He's Just Not That Into You" and "Madea Goes to Jail" will be coming soon...yea but not a lot of posting today. My computer is technically retarded. Now off to yell at Blogger!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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