Review: Tyga 'Outraged & Underage' Mixtape

Review Time!!!! This time its a mixtape by my homie, Tyga!!!! This is the Tyga that I love! I feel like Tyga is a beast when it comes to mixtapes. Mixtape swag in full effect-yes! For those who just got on to Tyga, make sure to download his past mixtapes, the dude has be killing it for a long time. When I put up each of his mixtapes up to his debut album, No Introduction, the mixtapes win. Its how I fell in love with his music, through his mixtapes! Anyways, for all of you who are still hating on Tyga, you haven't seen nothing yet.

Now to the mixtape,Outraged & Underage. It's the shit. Even people who thought Tyga was wack admit that he went innnnnnnnn on this mixtape. Also, shout out to DJ Ill Will and DJ Rockstar for putting this dopeness together. The lyrics are of quality, there's humor, there's realness-its some quality work. I've been promoting Tyga for about two years now, but like now, I can truly say that I am extremely excited for him this year. Last year was big, but this one is about to be bigger! This mixtape is dope, if you don't like it, there's something wrong with ya hearing-go check that out with ya doctor!

Download Outraged & Underage here!

Tracks to listen to:
(no reasoning for now, I'm being lazy lol i will update this later)
The Window
Live Forever(one of my favs)
Sayin This
La La La Boom

If you are a fan of Tyga's after listening to this mixtape(or before! lol) Add the fan club on MySpace :

Tyga's 2nd album, The Introduction, is coming soon!!!!! I can't wait!=D

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


Jay said…
Nice review...hope his album will be good.

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