Shirts I Need...

Rich Hil's "Limos Were Cool in the 90's" shirt:word is that the shirt is free...yes, free-but no word on how to get them. Should I stalk Rich Hil and force him to give me one? Es don't...

Fli Pelican's "Kill Two Birds" tank: only $22 but see I only have $2.27 in the bank-do the math! I will do a TheGirlTheyCallEs Presents on them. I like this line

The Cool Kids' "The Cool Kids' BBQ" shirt: Hip Hop heads get on respect at Hot Topic! The day I leave the damn job, they want to start carrying mad Hip Hop shirts-horse shit! Now this shirt is on clearance for like 6 something. Errrr, jk jk jk, geez.

KanYe West Hot Topic Exclusive: ......uhhhhh-I want my job back.

Perks & Mini "The Map of Africa" shirt: $56, not in this recession. cop at aka the best place to cop most dope streetwear online!
Trash & Luxury "Tux V Neck" tee: $ 52, again-not in this recession. I think Obama should make a law or something that every month, there is a weekend where anything and everything that is for sale is 50% off! That would get people to spend some money! A.King's "A.Queen" crewneck: The homie, A.King, is getting his clothing line together and has a few pieces out. I need more crewnecks and when I get some guap, I will make a purchase!oh, only $25!

Of course there are more shirts/tanks/crewnecks I want, but these are just some I've been craving....Me need work.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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