A Tale of An American Beauty...

Ok, so I'm bored. I decided to look up one of my favorite icons, Marilyn Monroe. All I knew about her was that was like a sex symbol back in the '50's, the lady in the flowy white dress everyone imitates, streetwear lines use her image on their clothes and it looks dope, and she was a size 16. So then I pondered on all of this and asked myself,"Why is she one of my favorite people again?" I barely knew her story. But for me, a '90's baby, and to immediately recognize her face anywhere and admire her legacy, she has to be pretty damn dope and iconic. So, I did what I always do-google'd her.

Found her official website. I thought it would look a little better and like dope since its Marilyn Monroe, but I'll let that slide. This lady has quite a story. The funny thing is, it sounds like the story of many female stars today. Had a rough childhood, going from place to place. Married a boy from her neighborhood, then divorced him. Work a regular factory job. Some photographer discovered her. She blows up, switches the name up, in multiple films, one of the films make her famous. Marries this industry guy, he couldn't handle her fame-they divorce. She moves on to bigger and better things, gets married again. More "flashing lights" type stuff and then tragedy strikes. Norma "Marilyn Monroe" Jeane dies in her sleep.

That's basically her story in a nutshell. Is this how female stars strive to live their life in fame without even knowing it? The multiple marriages is what really got me. Like there are mad famous women who gone through the roller coaster of marriage and divorce. Like Marilyn was on top of the world in her time, nobody could touch her. But yet, her life was wasn't even close to perfect. Is fame a curse? Is it possible to have a decent personal life and have all of benefits of those flashing lights? As a female who dreams of her big break and chance to be in The Industry, the imbalance of reality and "the good life" scare me. You know when like a new artist comes on the scene and they're all humble and shit and like two years later, you feel like you're looking at a totally different person, cause most of the time you are? I don't want to be that person you're looking at like that. I want you to see Es now and five, ten, twenty years down the road, it's still Es your looking at.

Many think it's impossible to remain the same, but I don't think so. If you take the time to truly discover who you are as a person, no one and nothing can change you. Fame and fortune are made up of all these tangible things that have prices on them but nothing can touch who you truly are. Who your are is priceless.So if you are different person from who were years before, its kinda your own fault. And change is not always a bad thing, sometimes its needed.

So after reading up on Mrs.Monroe, do I still like her? Yeah, she has an interesting story and is undeniable iconic. I wish to be iconic myself one day. At least I actually know her story because I bet a lot of people don't.Marilyn Monroe (1926-1962)-Forever missed but never forgotten

"Dreaming about being an actress, is more exciting than being one."-Marilyn Monroe

oh, and Google is the homie. lol

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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