TheGirlTheyCallEs presents Phony People...

Hey world. I would like to introduce you to group of dope kids from NYC. So ya probably thinking,"Who the f*ck are these kids?" Its PHONY PPL dumbie! Basicially they are dope. They are just starting to do shows and stuff. The music is sooooo unique and classic! When I first heard it, i was like these people(thinking that they were grown) are pretty dope. Then i go to their MySpace, and they like 16 year-olds! Anyways, they make all their music and do their own vocals and it crazy. They need to make big and blow it up!

Tried to find some of their music on imeem, but it wasnt there. Just go to their myspace to experience pure dopeness. When they blow up, don't say i didnt tell you so!

d2bd-dare to be different-the album coming soon!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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