TheGirlTheyCallEs Presents...Fli Pelican

Here I go again bringing you that dope shit. I first discovered this line from Wrightrax and I must say I was pleasantly delighted at what I saw. Streetwear is really breaking some ground in the fashion industry. It's different, rebelious, and just so dope. Fli Pelican is no different. The messages on the apparel and the variety-they are def bringing something new to the game. Will this be the next BBC or Crooks & Castles? We'll just say they are on their way to making a name for themselves! Fli Pelican, keep doing you, cause what you doing is dope! My people, time to turn ya swag onnnnnnn!
Visit Fli Pelican at
"You can learn how to dress just by jocking my fresh, Jocking jocking my fresh, Jocking jocking my fresh"

I'm cop me some Fli Pelican when I get my money right-fo'sho!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


Juan Fli Neal said…
Hey this is Juan Fli Neal from Fli Pelican. Thanks for the post on your blog. I definitely like your blog. I see that you left a comment on our blog. I am glad to see that you check us out as well. I saw your favorite blogs that you follow and I did not see our blog on there. All I want to know is.... Can Fli Pelican get some love on your favorites list???

P.S. That is a dope pic of me on your blog with my cardigan open. Thanks for that post once again!
Es said…
haha, thanx for checking my blog out and yes, yall can get some love on my fav.sites list! love the line!!! very dope indeed!

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