TheGirlTheyCallEs Presents...The High Society Brand

Guess who got a dope clothing line to tell you about? No, not KanYe or Diggy-it's Me!!! I told yall if you had anything dope you wanted me to check out, hit me up!!! Ok, now about the brand. It's a fairly new clothing line, started in 2008. The line is inspired by music, art, and are unique and everchanging culture! Its all about making a statement people! But HSB isn't just making any statement. They are supporters of The Global Fund, which is an organization that fights AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. With every purchase you make from HSB, HSB donates a portion to The Global Fund. If thats not dope, I don't know what is! The clothes are fly! I love the sayings on them and the signature pieces are classic!

For more info and to cop some HSB dopeness for yourself, check out !

Here's some more pics for yall!
Loves it! Go check them out asap! I can't wait to see more pieces from them! Shout out to everyone at HSB for checking out the blog! Send me a shirt!-jk! lol-but real though. =D

*If you want me to feature you on my blog, hit me up! Whether you are a singer, rapper, model, designer, or you have anything else you want to get out there that is dope, email at and you just might make it on here!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es

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