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Ok, so my computer is acting madddd stupid right now, so not much blogging will be happening today. Um, i woke up today! yay!!! And i checked my email and got an email from twitter saying that Tyga wanted me to join twitter or something. I was probably on his email list on his gmail so that's how the site got my email. So anyways i was like, well everyone else is on this is kinda dope...fine i'll join. So i did and ya girl is now on twitter! Still tryna set everything up and stuff. I really tried to stay away from twitter, but i couldnt. Thanx Tyga! lol Apparently, he was trying to stay away from the site as well but someone made a fake Tyga profile so he made a real one. Wise.

So there have been a few things that i have been wanting to blog about like my mega huge Charles Hamiltion mixtape review and KanYe's Storytellers but my computer is dumb and stuff. But i will do them soon, promise!

Other news, i was accepted into this promo company here in the A but i dont think ima do it because i applied for it like last year and haven't heard anything from them until now(unprofessional!!!) and i kinda forgot about it. Plus i dont think i have the time to do all of that stuff, i need to get a real job.

On the blogrun today, ran into the same old bullsh*t. Crap about Rihanna and Chris getting married, whatever. I'm so over them. Oh! KanYe posted the Air Yeezy's on his blog, so they are real. And the all black ones with the pink are not for the ladies. All the colorways have that pink on them so i guess its some kind of signature thing. Um...what else. Nothing much, thats it for now. Of course if i find something i will post it and stuff. My twitter is -follow me and i will follow you! lol

Also, if you actually read my blog, first off THANK YOU! You make me feel special! If you have a blogspot yourself, follow me please!!! Be the first! lol and comment my posts and let me know that they are interesting or something. lol

Also, if you want me to post your blog on mine, like give you a shout out or something, hit me up in a comment! Us bloggers need to unite! lol


'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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