Today In the Life of Es....Quicky Edition

Ok, I had a very life changing day. Let's just say my mother and I had a breakthrough when it comes to our relationship and hopefully this means good things are yet to come! Um, almost done with this effin' essay I've been writing for like ever! I hope i get a B at least. I need it. Um, last night was the Levi's x Fader G.O.O.D Music showcase in Austin and even though I was not in Austin, I saw every second of it! How so? Live stream bitches!!!! KanYe (or Kayne like Fader would put it) put the live video on his blog! How dope of him! I know right! I still wish I was there, but I still had fun watching it and 'Ye messed up like all of his songs but knew all the words to all of his artists' songs-he's such a good boss! lol It was great, the highlight of the night was Erykah Badu freestyling, I love her. Ok well gotta go, new ish up tomorrow! I got a new artist I want yall to check out. A good friend of mine, she's ill. Um also I'ma do some movie reviews-movies, Es? Yes muthasucka,movies. And um thats it for now! I'm still jammin The Carter Family Reunion Mixtape-dope shit, download asap!

See ya later "stupid muthasuckas" like Drake would say! He needs to effin come to the ATL, will blog why later!


'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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