Yall Know Who's Gonna Win Right?

I just think that deep down in our hearts...we all know that The Beat Freaks are gonna win. Buh Bye Quest Crew, with ya f*cked hair styles and semi preppy clothes and typical b boy moves! Yes I know that the Beat Freaks are b girls, but they are much more than that. They're dope-like really if they dont win, thats some bullshit! I won't watch ABDC ever again. I know that i said the same thing last season when it came to Fanny Pak, but Super Crew won and i was pleased with that. But this time!, let the Beat Freaks lose and see if anyone watches that show again! No worries though MTV and Randy Jackson, the Beat Freaks will win and you will still have ya loyal ABDC viewers

So who's ready to see the Beak Freaks kick some assssssssssss????

But maybe just not tonight. I'm like mad tired andI still have to wash the dishes-MTV will repeat it a million times for the next week or so, so I'll probably watch it 5 times because it is gonna so dope to see The Beat Freaks make history over and over and over again!
Still can't over this performance. This shit was crazy!And this one where homegurl was doing a hour long headspin! WHATTTTT! Craziness!


'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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