Yes! A Singer!

I always have beef with Vogue and their covers. They always have some white actress on the cover. Actresses barely have anything to do with fashion, they have stylists! Yes, I know Beyonce acts too, but she started off a singer and she has a clothing line. Beyonce=perfect cover girl for Vogue. They need to put different kinds of people on the cover, like singers, designers, models(more of them), business people, politicians(good pick with Michelle Obama in March 09 issue). Like bring some diversity to the damn cover. I feel like M.I.A should have had a cover already with her unique style. Put Kimora Lee on there! And like when those kinds of people get a cover, its like Vogue Japan or Vogue Russia. Why can't they get a cover on this Vogue?

Erica(the sister) always gets Vogue(its her new thing now) and I always see some white actress 9 times out of 10! The Kate Moss cover was nice. But yea, I'll be nicer to Vogue cause two black woman covers in a row-i see ya!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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