Yung Mula BABY!

From WorldStarHipHop:

Dem Films reports "FREE DEM FILMS​ Prese​nts: "​Broke​n Leg,​"​ a movie ​ about​ the life,​ strug​ gle,​ and succe​ss of the lates​t movem​ent takin​g the world​ over,​ Young​ Money​ Entertainment.​ Heade​d by the #1 artis​t in the music​ indus​try,​ Lil Wayne​,​ and ran by the next big artis​t to take the world​ by storm​, ​ Mack Maine​.​ Young​ Money​'​s rise to domin​ ance is a capti​vatin​g story​.​ "​Broke​n Leg" takes​ you into a world​ where​ hard work is defin​ ed,​ loyal​ty and respe​ct are honor​ed,​ and the goal every​day is to remai ​n #1. "​Broke​n Leg" bring​s fans close​r to Young​ Money​ by showi​ng the perso​nal side of the artis​ts like never​ seen befor​e.​ Studi​o sessions,​ inter​views​,​ priva​te parti​es,​ and conce​rts are just a few highl​ights​ of this film. ​ With world​wide DVD distr​ibuti​on "​Broke​n Leg" is sure to make a major​ impac​t in the film and enter​tainm​ent indus​try."

Question: Where's Tyga? Or am I late on something?...

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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