As I Em.

Asher Roth ft Chester French-As I Em
Gotta love Asher and his play on words. And you already know I'm in love with Chester French right now. I am honestly sick of people comparing Asher to Em just because of the simple fact that they are both white and rap. When I first heard Asher, Em honestly did not cross my mind. People get too caught up with comparing these new artists to already established artists and can't just listen to the music and see these artists as individuals! It makes it harder for the artists to tell the world, "I am me and no one else", cause then we go,"Well, you kinda sound like him" or "You kinda look like her". It's very annoying. I felt like that was the only flaw with the XXL Class of 09 issue. They gave you like the background info on the dudes like, gov't name, hometown, side hustle, and then "sounds like" part. All they put for Asher was Eminem.Like, really? And of course it's a compliment for someone to compare you to a great artist but to do it over and over and over again to the point where people forget your name and just say "the artist who sounds like this artist"-something gotta give!

Well, I know Asher will be a Hip Hop great in his own right, but please stop hating on him and comparing him to Em.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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