At Most I'm Just...

Charles Hamilton-At Most I'm Just....

I am currently listening to CH's latest mixtape on Hip Hop DX and I'm enjoying it so far. I'm a fan of he's. Am I as dedicated to him as I am say to Drake or Cudi-not yet. Even though he has dropped tons of mixtapes and Brooklyn Girls was a dope single, I feel like there's more to this dude that we are yet to hear or see. Yes, the majority of the Hip Hop world is like annoyed by him with him wearing pink and his love for Sonic and how he can't stop talking about Rihanna(uh.), but "muthafucka, if you listen" like Cudi would say, this dude is ill. People complaining about his beats and how they sound mad choppy and stuff but he clearly stated before that he meant to do it like that. I like the beats. It's different from the rest of the beats out there. Just like when the Neptunes beats sounded all outspaceish and everyone was like "what the?" but everyone loves their beats now. Everyone just needs to chill out with all of this hate with it comes to Mr.Hamilton. Just let him do him.

And I like what he's doing with dropping mixtapes like every month. He doesn't leave the people who are fans of his hanging and the chance for non-believers to feel him one mixtape at a time. I have not heard alllll of his mixtapes, I'll save that for one lonely summer day. When I'm done listening to this one, I will do a review on it.

Some people need to forget the personality of the artist and just focus on their art...that's why they are called an ARTIST people! But when it does come to personality, CH may seem complex but I like complexity in people...keeps things interesting...fuck the haters Charles, keep doing you!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


I def. feel what your saying. It seem like all the crap that happens outside of the actual music distracts people. CH is an artist for real. And with him being so young and different, people either love him or hate him.

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