"...Chillin' wit no make up on"

"...that's when you're the prettiest, I hope you didn't take that wrong"-Drake

This is my girl Monica Bellucci! Real talk, I recently saw The Passion of the Christ again right before Easter and since it was my second or third time seeing it, I was focus more on the different aspects of the movie and not really the story cause I know it too darn well. So I was noticing that who ever was playing Mary, Jesus's Mom, was dope! It was like the best acting I have ever seen! So the No Make Up covers of French Elle came out and and my sis told me that "Mary" was on it! I must say she looks fab! I don't wear no makeup myself cuz its annoying and gets on ya clothes and I don't have a photoshoot everyday of my life. Plus, most guys don't like girls who made make up. They prefer no make up. If you are truly beautiful, you don't need it. If you do need it...sorry about that! Great cover!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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