Cudder Time! Funkmaster Flex Edition!

Whoa. What an interview. I kinda feel like Flex is coming from a negative/old school point of view when it comes to how Hip Hop has evolved to what it is today. I understand that he doesn't understand but it kinda annoys me. It's not that hard to understand. It's 2009, not1999 or 1989! Times have change! All you old school heads to open ya eyes and ears to the next generation of this industry. These new cats in the game are just as talented as these older artists and DJ's were in their prime. But I respect the fact that Flex is "embracing the martian" in a way but it just shows how little respect these talented young dudes and gals get when they come into the game in the non traditional way. "Let's keep it one hundred", the radio isn't like how it was back in the day, the faces of Hip Hop have changed, the sound of Hip Hop has change, the INDUSTRY has changed-learn about it and embrace it! Yes, I don't know everything about the beginnings of Hip Hop that there is to know, but I know Hip Hop now and what it will be in the future. Much respect to Flex and how do I say this..."older" Hip Hop heads, but times have changed my friends...times have changed...

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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