Cudder Time! Go Green Edition!

Cudi talks about going, idk about this whole "Go Green" movement yet. It's obvisous, this shit seems like an inconvince! You accept ppl to just change how they do things in a snap of a finger or tree just can't! I try to shut the light's off when I'm not in the room but sometimes I forget! Ask my daddy! He yells at me for it all the time! Excuse me for I am human! Geez but yea when someone can show me how I can still live my life like I have and "go Green" at the same time while saving money and no not in the longggggg as run, I mean in the short run, then maybe, just maybe I'll be The Green Girl They Call Es-until then-fuck it! I'll worry about the economy and swine flu for now!

Don't take what I say personally Cudi, but I'm just sayin'!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


Mariah said…
i been getting better at going green I have a giant power outlet thingie (hahah) so whenever i leave for school i just turn it off and it turns off all the electronics with it too.

And kid cudi can say whatever the hell he wants to and i will follow!!...with his fineee asss mhmmm but I really want to stomp those glasses
Es said…
lol girl you crazy! idk I'll try! the only really thing i plug in is my phone charger...yeaaaa, i'll unplug it when i'm not using it! Gooooo Green...i guess! lol

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