Drake vs Freshmen 10?

Ok, I'm sick of this! Why is everyone hating on the fellas who were a part of XXL's Freshmen 10 line up now that everybody and their mama is on Drake? First off, the majority of you "So Far Gone Fans" barely knew about Drake before the classic mixtape dropped! Secondly, yall barely listen to any of the Freshmen 10's music. You probably heard a track or two from them and say that they are wack off those two listens you had. How lame?! It's annoying! Why can't all 11 of them be dope? It's like yall tryna start beef between these young men before most of them even drop their debut albums! I will admit, when the issue came out, I was like,"Where's Drake? Where's Tyga?" At least we had Cudi and Wale! But I was still excited about the lineup and went and copped me a copy of it and enjoy every page of their feature. But I wasn't mad that Drake didn't make it-everything happens for a reason. Now look at Drake! It's just stupid for people to make comments and say"Fuck the Freshmen 10, Drake is the future! He's better than all of them!" They are all great in their own unique ways. Love who you wanna love, hate who you wanna hate but don't mix the love and hate together to create chaos. Chaos and beef is the last thing we need when it comes to the next generation of Hip Hop. And don't worry, I am mad at Rick Ross for starting the beef but I still love him and I personally think he's killing 50 in this beef! So please, as a fan of all of them and their music, like KanYe said, "Let them be GREAT!" Too much drama in Hip Hop sometimes...that's why I was on my Rock shit for the longest before these dudes came out...geez!

This article and the comments below it got me thinking about this shit...craziness! Gosh you people! Most of yall are just fans of Drake's hype and not his music and him as an artist.....well yall buy the albums and make them rich, can't be mad at that!

And fans of these freshman is about to get iffy,
While this youngin that you doubtin is about to get busy
-Drake in Successful

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


LV said…
I agree, people need to realize that more than one person can be good. And I am sick of people talking about "I'm on that brand new ish" in reference to Drake's song, I just want to scream Brand New isn't brand new, you're late. Drake is good, but some people are overdoing it.

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