Drizzy Time!!! News Edition

Word on the streets is that Drizzy Drake Rogers will be coming to the ATL..soon...like very soon...May 2nd soon. Heard he will be coming to the Loft...seems like that's the new hot spot to catch Hip Hop acts in the A. So if this show does exists like its already planned and everything...I will be there. No, it's like the YEEC event that I missed(still mad about that but I'll live) or the Wale and B.O.B show I just missed (they'll come around again)-it's Drake. I will miss class if necessary and I WILL get someone to go with me. Also, heard it was 18 and up, so young Drizzy fans-sorry =(. I think it's the venue. All events at the Loft is 18 & up. Well that was ya Drizzy Time! If you have any details on this show-post a comment asap! I need detailssssss!

Oh, and isn't it a shame that my sister told me about this first? I'm suppose to be the one who knows all of this stuff and then tell her! What is this world coming to?....

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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