Drizzy Time! Sold Out Edition

Yup-it's a sold out event. Great for Drizzy,sucks for me. I've been telling people Drake needed to do a show in the A and now he is and I can't even go! Hopefully, they will put out more tickets. All the people going just like So Far Gone. I've been down with Drake for the longest....this sucks! I'ma get my way in there. It's not fair! I wanna go! I haven't gone to a single event this year yet! My sis and I should have brought tickets as soon as we found out. This is horse crap. I'm gonna write a heart felt letter to Drake and hopefully he'll get me in. I'm being serious too....you don't think I'll do it? Watch me. I wanna go! I wanna go! =( This was a very sad Drizzy Time-sorry people! I need to see him perform before he really blows up and his shows go from $25 a ticket to like $175 like KanYe! Drake, if you just so happen to read this, hit me up and let me into the show...pleaseeeeeee! I give you $25 and everything! Seriously!

Drizzy was brought to you by a Sad Drake Fan Named Es.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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