Drizzy Time!Performance Edition!

What a great way to start off my dope posting spree than with a Drizzy Time!!!! I guess he had a show in NYC somewhere...I'm too lazy to state details. Ok, before you watch the videos, I would just like to say: I'm still pissed that the ATL show is sold out and watching these vids aren't helping. I'm happy for Drake and all the success that he has had thus far and I pray to God that it doesn't go to his head like other young artists out there. My sis doesn't think he is that cute, but I do but I do hate the girls who just like his looks and the hype around him and not his music and the meaning behind it. And one question, does Drake know I do Drizzy Times' on my blog? If not, someone please send him the memo! Thanx in advance, now to the videos! Enjoy....."stupid muthasuckas!"

Note:Was this an all girl crowd? Just a thought! Vids, kinda out of order, who cares! Still dope, all Drake! I wanna see him on May 2nd!!!! Maybe, I'll just sneak in.....

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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