Excuse me while I think....

Uhhhhhhhh....I don't know. This post will be very random, don't say I didn't warn you. Well, my nose keeps leaking some water type substance and its very annoying. I look extra sick with all of these rolled up tissue balls around me. I hate being sick. Um, I have two papers to write. One is due on the 27th and the other is due on the 15th. Welcome to the Life of a Struggling College Student! I don't know why people pressure young people to do shit that they are not into. I'm not really feeling this college thing and the funny thing is that I love learning. I feel like out of the classes I have taken so far in college, I've actually only learned from one of them. Sociology 1101. It's relevant, I understand it and I benefit from it. All my other classes are a waste of my young life. And don't get me started on high school. High school is a code name for Grown Kid Daycare! I just feel like being in school, especially in a the days of a recession, is holding me back from my dreams. I wanna be out there in the world already-shit man! I have so many ideas and people to connect with and inspire but there's this wall of school blocking me.
And there are other things that hold me back. My young age(cuz I'm only 5! lol), family, STILL learning how to drive(err!), me being shy...or maybe I just don't like the public. There's just so many things and I wish I knew how to get rid of them or make them better or just deal with. Oh, and I'm broke as hell.

I see people my age like Teyana Taylor and Tyga living their dreams, meeting people they look up to and I ask myself,"Why isn't that me?"And then I see people, like Aubrey O'Day, who are given the opportunity of a lifetime and f*ck it up! Like what the hell?! It's not fair. It's like the people who work so hard never get to make it to the top because a bunch of useless people know some other useless people and -I don't know. I just want someone to see my passion for this industry and give me a chance to be a part of it. I have the dream, the motivation, the passion, the love-I just don't have the resources...feel me? I'll make it one day, I just know it. I can't see myself doing anything but being successful in the industry. I'ma keep dreaming because right now, my dreams are all I have.

And to my sis who thinks I get too personal on my blog, I just want people to feel me...I just need the right people to hear me out. Plus its a blog, I can say whatever I want! lol

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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