F*ck Originality.

Uh, another Good Girl has gone Bad! What is this? Amber Rose meets Kim Kardashian? This hairdo isn't cute, it's just stupid! I'm sick of all these good girls cuttings their hair and wearing black leggings and throwing up Rock On hands signs and getting stupid mini tattoos and think that they are all of sudden the baddest bitch around. The bad bitches are the ones that don't have to make it so damn obvious. Just because Rihanna did this and became one of the biggest pop stars in the world, doesn't mean you can do what she did and get the same result. Why can't everyone just be themselves and stop trying to prove their swag to everyone?! It's annoying. And I actually like Cassie. She not the greatest singer or even the best dancer but she can work it out. And plus R.Les is the shit with production so she lucky to have him around. Cassie, don't do this to yourself, no more crazy shit please. Let the hair grow out and just be you. Once you call them "The Girl Next Door", they move to Dark Side of things and aren't so sweet anymore. I still think the baddest bitch in the game is Kelis. Rest of yall are just followers.

So just because you worked up the nerve to cut ya hair and walk out the house like that, does not mean you are original.'Nuff said.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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