From the World of Twitter...

Honest;y, the only reason why I opened a Twitter account was to see the what all the hype was around it. Cause even though I don't usually give into any hype of anything, I would still like to know what the hype actually is. I decided to keep my Twitter account because artists leak music, tell you about events and shows, and Miss Info is funny! But sometimes I wonder, what do these artists be on when they be tweeting? Perfect example-Diddy.

"iamdiddyPtwitty question of the day!!!!! if you had to be born again as an animal what animal would you wanna be ? And why??"

What?! Like,really?! Don't you have some businesses to worry about? Or a band to break up?

And another member of the Bad Boy family-Dawn. I love this chick but....I wonder about her as much as I wonder about Que.

"DawnRichardi saw heaven was in his eyes...i heard angels today..his i love you echoed so sound..i saw heaven today..:)

He is perfection, he is beautifully broken, he is strength, he is vulnerable, he is my reason...he is the explanation, he is the answer"

Fame. The things it does to goog people.

But besides Diddy's Positivity Train and Lindsey Lohan going off on Sam.Ronson, there are some good things that come from Tweetland.

Like when Wale tweeted my blog for posting Penthouse Anthem and when Rich Hil tells you he is currently high. Gotta love those tweets.

I know more dope tweets will come in the future but I worry about the crazy tweets that I wish would just go away....follow me at

I know you already saw this but watch it again.

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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