FYI to female artists out right now...

So this morning, I went to my sister's room to...get the iron! and she was playing Aaliyah's Rock the Boat and I was like-throwback! But a good one! Her last album was the shit! I truly miss Aaliyah, like for real. She didn't have go...the world still needed her.

But while hearing her music, I started thinking...a lot of these chicks in the game would have no career if Aaliyah was still here. Think about it. All these bitches thinking they so talented and hot ain't shit when compared to Aaliyah. She was a triple-quad-she was a muthafuckin' threat,okay! She not sing-sang! Her range was crazy! She danced and was hella good at it. Acted as well and was just beautiful.

A lot of people would not have careers real talk. They need to thank Aaliyah for paving the way for them. Some of the bitches think they are so dope and shit and are rude to fans and just full of themselves...and yes, I'm talking about Keri Hilson! I never really liked her, she just looks like she would be rude to fans. And I'm talking about Ciara..sho, even Beyonce! None of them would...will never top Aaliyah! She was way more than a beautiful face. But yea, these bitches to eat a piece of humble pie (you can eat the whole damn pie if ya like!) and take notes from Aaliyah..she is what you call legendary!

So FYI to R&B and Hip Hop female artists out right now...yall wouldn't be shit without Aaliyah showing how it done first!

Tell me what you think....

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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