Get updated!..."stupid muthasucka!"

"Stupid muthasuckas" is from Drake's Uptown. Go listen to it to refresh ya mind! I always say that now. And I say,"Crazy Gucci shoes! Where you get'em at?". That's from Soulja Boy! lol Ok, yall know I had to hit you with some Fafi art real quick! Check it out! I swear she was thinking of me when she drew this! lol psych! I've been mad busy hence mad stressed this week-and its only Wednesday! All last weekend my nieces aka The Rugrats '09 and that was crazy! Usual family drama. It's on everyday like a soap opera! Plus, I had assignments due up to my neck-college! And of course joblessness is a serious illness, I'm looking for the cure aka job hunting! I'm too young for this mess! Well assignments are handed in, nieces are out of sight, family chill, still no job, but I'm good! Life could be worse, right? I've been on Twitter heavy for the past couple of days through. Not sure if anyone even reads my tweets but I'll pretend like they do! Yeah, I sound crazy...tell me something I don't know. I had so much dope shit I wanted to post and write about but I forgot...I'll remember later. Um I've been getting tired of the world wide web lately. It's the same shit all the time. When we had the new wave of young unique rappers coming out, it was all exciting and shit, but now....they aint so new anymore and they are now household names. Well maybe not...when my mom and dad start looking at the TV and yell," Is that Eminem or Asher Roth" or "That's that Martian guy, Cudi, right?"-then they will be household names. Maybe this is the calm before the storm...a good storm! A storm full of dope music, great concerts, and crazy fashion! Let is rain muthaf*cka, let it rain!

Shout outs to:
GSU...don't ask why.
Ashley & Viv...yall some crazy chicks but very good friends! Much love
My fellow Twiggas! Who follow me, thanx a million! If you ain't following me, why not?
YEEC..they are the shit! Love the movement! Holla at ya girl! Check out!
JESUS! Easter is such a great holiday!
Tyga...cause he is working on his album and I'm excited from him and us. the fans. It's gonna be classic! And him & Chanel are great!
Most of all...
TO EVERY SINGLE HUMAN BEING AND CREATURE that checks out my blog! Thank you so much, it means a lot to me! I promise to keep the dopeness coming! Post the blog's link everywhere! Tell a friend to tell a friend! Spread the word of dopeness you guys!

Love,Peace, & Respect

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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