A Girl On A Mission...

Ok, so let me tell you a little history on ya girl. I started getting into the internet and promotions in the summer of'06. I was a bored, jobless, high school student who had (and still does)an addiction to all things dope in the industry. That summer, a lot of artists (that I liked at the time) were coming out with albums and going on tour. I decided to be a good fan and spread the word of dopeness around. I would post stuff on MySpace day and night-non stop! Did it help the artists-I hope so! So I decided to step my game up and start a promo label. Kinda like a record label but the artists on the label were being promoted-and that was it. It was called Raw Entertainment & Promotions. It lasted for like a year. People weren't as dedicated to it like I was and they were full of drama. To make a long story short, I joined other street teams/fan clubs to continue promoting dope artists that needed people spreading the word about them.

Lately, my list of promoting is pretty freakin' short. Actually, the only person I'm really promoting now is Tyga. I'm happy to promote the homie and I always will but I need some new talent to promote out there. So I'm opening up my services to everyone now..well not everyone. I do mainly but not only online promotion! I can do some graphics but they are just decent-not dope. I know how to use most websites like Facebook, MySpace, blogs(of course) and others. I kill it with HTML! lol I know what people want AND what they need.

If you want me to do promotions for you hit me up at esther.famojure@gmail.com! In the email, send links to ya website, myspace, and tell me a little about yourself. I'm really into promotions! I put my heart, brain, mind, body, soul-I put my all into it. Thus, when I promotions for you, all I need from you is to communicate with me when I need you to and respect what I do and not take the work I do for you for granted. That's it. I may have been doing this for only 3 plus years, but I've been misused so much for the 3 years-you don't even know!

Hit me up with an email asap! I'm ready to work! Also, just cause you send me an email and stuff doesn't mean I'll just promote you in the snap of a finger. I am very picky with the artists I promote. If I don't like ya music, or whatever you do, I will NOT promote you. It's hard to promote stuff you don't even like yourself, feel me? Just keep that in mind! I am also willing to promote people other than music artists. Actors, comedians, models, producers,-anyone who is doing something dope! Hit me up!!!

Plus, if you are a promoter yourself or have a fan club/street team and need help with it or have a company and looking for some young promo talent-email me too! I will work with you all!

They don't call me Es the Promoter for nothing now!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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