I Know Big Sean, do you?

I call Big Sean, "Mr. Positive Swag". He is a very positive artist and just raps about what he knows. He's not trying to be anyone else but Big Sean. And I respect that. I'm mad everyone isn't on him like they are with Kid Cudi or C.Hamilton and the other "Freshmen". He's dope! He just needs more promo. Es the Promoter is here, I got you big homie! Getcha Some is an ill track. It helps me turn my swag on! lol But anywho, Big Sean has dropped another mixtape before his drops his debut album! Download it, listen to it, love it! If you didn't know Big Sean before, you will now! Enjoy suckas!

Word up to Wrightrax! I just love those dudes! Deuce, what's good!

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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