It's the first of the month...wake up, wake up, wake up...

Why yes, it's April 1st and in true April 1st style-it rained. It rained like a muthaf*cka! I hope the ATL is on flood watch cause I was walking on water like Jesus this morning. But there is something that is true April 1st style too...April Fool's Day. Usually I'm all excited and ready to prank someone or trick them into doing something around this time of year, but not today. Maybe cause I'm not in high school anymore(thank God!). But instead of having the feeling of "fooling", I feel that maybe I'm being "fooled" (singing,"Why are you so paranoid...don't be so paranoid"). Like, I'm not thinking straight but its not my fault. Like people are not telling me stuff that they should have, things that usually don't happen are happening-is the world coming to an end? Well my teacher is still bitchy, so maybe not. I guess I'm thinking about too hard. I need to relax.
It's only 9:34 am and already I'm confused about the day-not a good sign. Ha, I saw this guy on the train that looked like 88-keys, but I knew it wasn't him cause he didn't have any Polo on! lol And you what happened? I was waiting to cross the street, which is rare of me to do because I'm a born j-walker, and some lady making a turn smiled at me...weird. I was like,"Why did she do that?" Maybe cause I'm from the north and people up there just don't randomly smile at you. People down her will start a convo with you and tell you all their business and you won't have to say a word! Which can be very annoying or entertaining. But this lady's smile was like honesty and just polite...kinda freaks me out. And I stay with a mean mug when I'm in public cuase I don't random people talking to me or staring at me but after that lady smiling at me...I might smile a little more....might.

Well, I'm gonna on my blogrun now and see what's dope today. Shout out to Juan Fli Neal of Fli Pelican for checking out my feature on them. It was very dope of you to drop a comment my dude! It means a lot!
If it were to rain a lot, I would prefer it to be summer rain. In Rhode Island, where we get four different seasons unlike Georgia, we got summer rain. My favorite memory of summer rain was my last day of 6th grade. I remember being all sad and stuff that I wouldn't see all of my friends anymore and hugging them and then the bell rang and we all rushed outside. The sky was pinkish organge with pink and purple clouds and it lightly rained. We all just stopped and left our heads up and just stood there and admired the sky.....but then the buses were about to leave so all the bus kids ran to catch them. The kids who walked, like me, ran to the ice cream truck and got some ice cream and Black Ice Blow Pops. We ate our ice cream in the rain while staring at the how dope is that....I miss my childhood and my home state....

Hardly home but always reppin-Drake

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