The Leak.

Before I blog on this track, I just want to let the people know, that I only post shit I like or feel that is blog worthy. I'm not gonna waste my time posting some random shit! I felt like I needed to make that clear to some to the track.
I never really heard Lil Twist on a track or anything. I heard Chuckee but not Twist. This little dudder is ill! Weezy getting them early! lol And I know people are like, "But he's only 14, you can't compare him to these other new cats in the game!" Why not? He's good! What, does Hip Hop have age brackets now or something? I think he should have your respect just like Drake or Tyga has it! He's good-shit! I actually like his verse better than Wayne's. Weezy need to watch out...people thinking that his own artists are better than him...uh oh! This receives the stamp of approval with-DOPE SHIT! Enjoy people! Young Mulaaaaaaaaa -baby. lol

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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