Rich Hil-Your Breathing
New Rich Hil for yall to inhale. I am unable to hear the song hence my computer has no sound..I don't feel like explaining why, just know that I have a master plan to get rid of this computer. I really like this dude! If people really open up their minds and just feel the music and not judge him cause he's Tommy Hilfiger's son, he will go very far in this industry. The best way I can describe his music is Hip Hop lounge music or maybe lonely stoner music(lol). His music puts you in the zone. It's crazy that he just truned 19. The next generation has def just kicked open the door to the industry and is taking over! Hence, Aaron Reid &YEEC, Teyana Taylor, The Simmons Sisters, Lil Twist & Chuckee of Young Money and many more. Wow, all this emotion just from a new Rich Hil song...enjoy suckas!

We got now, we don't care who got next!-Jay-Z

very random Jay-Z

'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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