Lost a point with me on this one.

"When I dropped that ... (I thought) 'You guys are always going off about how much money you have. Do you realize what's going on in this world right now?' All these black rappers — African rappers — talking about how much money they have. 'Do you realize what's going on in Africa right now?'" Roth says.
-Associated Press

Okie dokie, Mr Roth...you have officially lost a point with me. Yall know I like ride or die with this dude...still kinda am but he just lost point! He's was a 9/10 but now he's 8/10. No, I don't care if he said sorry now because he knew exactly what he was saying when he said it and maybe like his apology, that comment came from a sincere place. But about what he actually said..like really?

Do you realize what is going on in America right now? Do you realize what's going on all of the fuckin world now? Anyone who is stuntin' on their own people is wrong for doing so. There are billionaires commiting suicide-can't nobody stunt right now! American, African, Asian-whatever race you are! And how do you know if those African rappers give back to their people or not? And what about Eminem? He kinda rich and he came from the slums, tell me what he has done for his people! This is a stupid statement that came out of pure ignorance. And yes, I'm extra mad cause I'm African. OMO NAIJA and proud of it! Shit! People are so quick to judge my people but if you feel so fuckin sorry for us, then put some of ya money up and help! I'm sick of this! It's like the rest of the world just stares at Africa and talks shit but doesn't do shit. Same thing when it comes to their own people.

Then they be like, "People are starving in Africa"...ok! People starving in America too! Walk in downtown ATL at Woodruff(or whatever it is) Park at anytime of the day. Like really!

Idk if him making all these comments that are race related is a publicity stunt or not, but either way it's really not helping his career in any way. Keep making these comments Asher and you will lose a fan.


'Always More, Never Less'-Es


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